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		Number		Product Name	
		A-P1      Americana Series Packet 1
		A-P2      Americana Series Packet 2	
		A-P3      Americana Series Packet 3	
		Book-01   Wild About Flowers Book
		Book-03   Quilted Hearts & Flowers Book
		Book-04   In Full-Bloom Quilts Book	
		Book-05   Wee Wonder Quilts Book
		C-P1      Cat's Meow Series Packet 1
		C-P2      Cat's Meow Series Packet 2
		C-P3      Cat's Meow Series Packet 3
		C-P4      Cat's Meow Series Packet 4
		E-AA00    An Apple a Day
		E-BB00    Beautiful Blooms Embroidery		
		E-BON     Basket Bonanza
		E-CD00    Catch of the Day
		E-CP00    Cat Parade
		E-FB01    Fresh Bouquet		
		E-FOOT00  Fancy Footwear
		E-GATE    Garden Gate		
		E-GG      How Does Your Garden Grow? embr.
		E-HH01    Have A Heart		
		E-KK00    Krazy Kats
		E-LTL00   Land That I Love
		E-Party   Tea Party
		E-RWB2    "Red, White and Blue, Too!"
		E-SB      Summer Bouquet		
		E-SF      Sunflower Seeds 10 cents
		E-SH00    Sweet Hearts	
		E-TT00    Tea Time		
		E-TTB00   A Tisket a Tasket
		Q-200     It's a Snap!
		Q-202     Fancy Floral Fence
		Q-204     Pansy Patch
		Q-208     Itty Bitty Flying Geese
		Q-211     Checkerboard Squares
		Q-213     Scrappy Shoofly Pie
		Q-214     Flower Power
		Q-216     Kansas on My Mind
		Q-223     Spring Fever
		Q-227     Hopscotch
		Q-228     My Flower Garden
		Q-229     Fresh as a Daisy
		Q-234     A Rose is a Rose
		Q-236     Sunflower Crossing
		Q-237     12 Star Salute
		Q-244     Around the Block	
		Q-250     Raspberry Ripple					
		Q-251     Am I Blue?	
		Q-252     Cuddle Up	
		Q-254     Duck Duck Goose		
		Q-257     Baby Steps
		Q-259     Hop, Skip, Jump
		Q-300     Beautiful Blooms